Monday, March 21, 2016

Helvetica The Movie Watching / Writing Assignment:

2.Latin for Switzerland
5.Postmodernism, Grunge typography
6. Type designers start with lowercase “h”, The space between type is key, Helvetica is friendly to open interpretation, legibility doesn't always cause communication

Since the movie Helvetica all over the place, from posters to street signs. I believe the reason is because it's easy to read and is a good font. Helvetica is sleek, simple, modern and very clean looking.

     2. Wim Crouwel: Graphic Designer
3.Matthew Carter: Type Designer

5. Neville Brody: Graphic Designer

Think of the font you most commonly use when working on your computer. Which one is it and why do you use that one?

-The font that I use the most would be Arial. The main reason for this is because I have the most experience typing with Arial because its the default font for me. After learning about Helvetica I think I will start using the font more in my everyday life.

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